How to create a collection

Evlaa simplifies a lot the workflow of photos selection with a client. Our publishing service allows you to publish private collection directly from Lightroom.

Publish a private collection

  1. To create a new collection, right-click on the Evlaa Publish Service and then Create Published Collection... 
    Note : You can preselect your photos, they will be automatically added to the new collection
  2. Configure the collection
    1. The name is the name shown on the top of the client interface.
    2. The theme : You can choose the background color in order to highlight your photos.
    3. The number of visible stars : Set the number of available stars to do the selection regarding what you are looking for.
    4. The comments : Allow your client to leave you a comment on each photo.
    5. The filenames : Display the filenames to your clients
    6. Description : Leave your directives, contact informations or a message to your client. It will be display just under the name of the collection.

      Note : the Use as Default option allows you to save these configurations and use them for the next collections.

  3. Click on Publish button
    We upload all the small resolution images (1000px for biggest side) on our servers and we create the private link to give to your client.
  4. Send this private link to your client

  1. How fast is the collection online?
    As soon as you click on "Publish", you can send the link to your client. The plug-in uploads in background small resolution photos to our secured servers.
    The upload speed depends on your connection as well but we did our maximum to have the speediest upload. Within minutes the photos are online.

    Note : This task is automatic and in background, you can do something else during that time to save more time. Beware, Lightroom must stay open ;-)

  2. How to update the configuration of a published collection?
    A double clic on the collection name allows you to update it configuration. The changes will be automatically synchronized with the online collection.

  3. How long are the collection online?
    The collections are online until you delete them from Lightroom. As you delete them on Lightroom, they are no more available on Evlaa.
    To delete a collection, right click on the collection then Delete...

  4. Which size of photos can I upload?
    We upload only small resolutions (1000px side max) of your photos on our secured servers, and it's automatically resized. 

  5. Comment intégrer un filigrane sur mes photosHow to add a watermark to my photos?
    You just need to configure this watermark under the publish service settings. To update these settings : double click on Evlaa publish service.
    When configured, we add automatically this watermark on all your uploaded photos.

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