Automatic retrieving of ratings and comments

Daniel Kause a posé une question...

See above, maybe with a timer.

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      Martin a répondu...

      Hello Daniel,

      Why would you perform that?
      Do you want a popup to let you know that it is retrieved or that you have a new selection to retrieve?
      Because if we retrieve the selection without telling you, we will have some issue as you will not remember which selection is currently downloaded...

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          Martin Reisch a répondu...

          Personally I would like some sort of feature that would notify me without having to receive an email each time. Perhaps some kind of "in Lightroom" badge or inside the Publish Service notification?

          On macOS High Sierra you can get browser notifications, but I'm not sure how else.

          Not sure I would want automatic as I do want to know when it happens, but I'd rather avoid emails :)

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              Arianna Cagli a répondu...

              Totally agree - would be great to have a notification in lightroom to tell me every time someone submits a new selection

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